This book has an immense hold on my soul right now. 

 “You’re in books. Of course you don’t have a life. None of us do. There’s always something too good to read.”


This was one of my most highly anticipated reads for the year and Emily Henry did not disappoint. I knew this would be one of my top reads for this year before I was even halfway through. This book was literally made for booklovers, there were subtle references to Beach Read which were just *chefs kiss* 

If you are a book lover, You. NEED. To. Read. Book. Lovers 

Emily Henry blurs the line between literary fiction and romance, having a book within a book is so interesting and there’s never a dull moment. The main character is Nora, and her life is the focal point of the book. Her journey through the pages involves coming to terms with grief, independence, family circumstances and the special bond she shares with her sister Libby. 

I fell in love with Nora because she was such an incredibly tangible and introspective character who is so relatable and easy to connect with.

I found it really refreshing that the ‘romance’ in the story simply moves in tandem with her life instead of it being the only plot of the book. Seeing her growth and character development at the end of the book was so fulfilling. 

I loved the small town trope, the chemistry between the characters and THE BANTER. Every page was so funny and perfect, yet the story never lacked depth. I wish I could read this book for the first time all over again.

This was definitely my favorite Emily Henry book of the three I’ve read so far! 

Favorite Quotes (Spoilers)

“nothing—not the beautiful and not the terrible—lasts.”

“I read once that sunflowers always orient themselves to face the sun. That’s what being near Charlie Lastra is like for me. There could be a raging wildfire racing toward me from the west and I’d still be straining eastward toward his warmth.”

“there are things in life so valuable that you must risk the pain of losing them for the joy of briefly having them.”

“Maybe love shouldn’t be built on a foundation of compromises, but maybe it can’t exist without them either. Not the kind that forces two people into shapes they don’t fit in, but the kind that loosens their grips, always leaves room to grow. 

“There will be a you-shaped space in my heart, and if your shape changes, I will adapt. No matter where we go, our love will stretch out to hold us, and that makes me feel like … like everything will be okay.”

“She wonders whether what comes next could ever live up to the expectations. She doesn’t know. You never can. She turns the page anyway.” 

“If I had to pick one person to be in my corner, it’d be you. Every time.”  

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