Cleopatra and Frankenstein

 “When the darkest part of you meets the darkest part of me, it creates light.” ✰✰✰✰✰ /5

Let me be very honest here, I only picked up this book because it has the most ✨gorgeous✨ cover I have ever seen. Fortunately, this novel in and of itself is also one of the most fascinating and enjoyable ones that I have come across in a while

The story begins with an interaction between Cleo and Frank who are the protagonists of the story. Although Frank is 20 years older than Cleo, the two have an instant connection. The book follows the couple throughout their marriage and allows us to watch as the cracks in their relationship start to widen. While we dive into their story, we are also introduced to a whole ‘cast’ of characters who make the story extremely enthralling. 

You truly feel every character’s emotions, because of the way the book is written in both first and third person. By the end, I felt like I had just lived through multiple lives. I’ve never been one for stories narrated in third person, but this was so well written that I was fully invested when I was 50 pages in. 🙂

If there was one word I could use to describe this book, it would be ‘real’ because it explores so many different, important themes and is extremely emotional!

This was the kind of book that you love so much you don’t want to finish it, but you also just need to know what happens and how it ends.

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