Daisy Jones & The Six 

Daisy Jones & The Six 
This book follows the rise and fall of the famous 70’s band ‘Daisy Jones & The Six,’ it mostly focuses on the rivalry between the lead singers and is a masterpiece of emotional turmoil.

TJR writes extremely cinematically, and the book reads like a movie. The story is written in an interview format, wherein every band member is a narrator, and every decision they had made in the past is brought to light. This makes all the characters seem extremely vulnerable, but it also highlights that each narrator is unreliable in some way. This adds a layer of depth, since you find yourself having to piece together a story with all the different perspectives that you have.

We are shown the tragedies of the public eye and celebrity life, and the reshaping and denying of one’s self and identity to fit in. This book is a real display of life, a reminder that even with fame, celebrities exist with us in the the assumptions and stigmas of our world. ‘Daisy Jones & The Six is must read, a book about humanity and choice that did not disappoint. 

As usual with TJR’s books, I did infact google the band because every character felt so real and distinguishable. I’m definitely a fan of the band even though I have never heard any of their music, and i’m really looking forward to the adaptation!

Side note: When I found out who was interviewing them I was absolutely shook and had no words!!
Also, If you ever want to listen to an audiobook, this is the one to choose because it felt like a full on production :))

Happy reading 🌷
~ Kiswa

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