Every Summer After Review

Every Summer After ☀️🧡

Everyone has been obsessed with this book, so I was really excited to see if it was worth the hype. 

The story follows Percy’s life after her parents buy a lakehouse that they visit every summer. There are two boys next door and she spends 6 summers at the lakehouse and becomes very close to one of them. 

The book has a dual timeline that spans through the years taking us back and forth between when they were close friends, and then the present when they are adults who had a falling out and had not spoken in 12 years. 

For the first half of the book, I found the story really entertaining and fast-paced and I quite literally couldn’t put it down. By the time I got halfway through the book, I realized that I didn’t really like Percy, especially in the present-day chapters. 

When we finally got to the plot twist, everything went downhill. Words cannot explain how upset I was about where the story was going, and I lost interest in the characters.

This book was so highly recommended, and it had a really good vibe, so even though i did not exactly love it, I would recommend giving it a try, especially if you liked ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ ‘Love and Other Words’ and the ‘People We Meet on Vacation.’

There was a lot that I didn’t like about the story, but I wanted to keep this a spoiler-free review! 

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